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Future of  Education

  Starts Here

#1  Skill  Development  and  Talent  

Acquisition  Platform

 for  Life  Sciences

Bridging the Gap between 
Industry leaders , Academic Faculty and Students


Its all about your Network


Career-based mentoring program that aims to conect you to leaders and pioneers of life science research and industry

Skill DC

(Development Center)

Advance beyond entry-level jobs, Accredited courses, boot camps and internships that help you get the hands-on skills you need to land your dream job.

NexIA Recruiter

Welcome to the future of talent acquisition

AI-based recruitment managment platform for Faculty memebers and organizations

NexIA Jobsuche

AI-based advising and career  management platform for life science students

Seasoned career advisors, hundreds of authentic and approved life science positions , and application tracker, all in one place.


Finding   a
Job / Internship / Graduate School position / Volunteering



Step 1:

Learn New Skills

Skill DC (Development Center) offers hundreds of accredited courses, internship positions, and boot camps to help you earn the skills you need to land your dream job.

: Step 2

Find your position

Whether it is a graduate position, internship at a top-notch research company, or your dream job; and best of all, our Jobsuche platform is here to help you

: Step 4

Step 3:

Submit your application

Send your resume to thousands of authentic and approved recruiters and academic faculty through our AI-based talent acquisition and career managment platform

Prepare your application

Whether it is writing your cover letter, crafting your resume, or preparing for an interview , our seasoned Jobsuche advisors are here for you to make sure you are in your best shape to submit your application

Step 5 : 

Become the HERO of your own story,

Land your dream position

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